On-site improvements

On-site improvements

On-site improvement (landscaping) is provided at the final stage of construction. When all construction works are completed and all utility services are in place. At this stage a previously developed design project shall be implemented, which makes it possible to see an aggregate picture of the entire construction project.

Contur specialists carry out planting and landscaping of the territory of any size. We involve experienced landscape designers to achieve maximum efficiency of the process and compliance with the project. Competent arrangement of landscaping allows to minimise deadlines of the task.

For advice on cooperation terms or your project estimate, please contact us in a more preferred way or leave your contact details to discuss your project.

Landscape design

Green areas planting

Children playgrounds

Public squares

Parks and gardens

Decorative finishing

Integrated on-site improvement

Building company “Contur” offers a full range of works starting from design to decorative finishing. Our team puts the following tasks in reality:

  1. Landscape design taking into account additional structures, flower beds, and paths;
  2. Green zones planting. Zonal setting out of the flowers and plants;
  3. Construction of playgrounds, taking into account the territory-specific features and correct zoning of the territory;
  4. Development of public gardens and parks with trees and shrubs planting, proper distribution of planted areas;
  5. Decorative finishing. It includes paths and kerbs construction using granite slabs, sandstone, slate, and asphalting of the territory.

Main stages of works

Landscaping by Contur is provided in several stages. The project starts with a detailed study of the territory-specific features. Our experts take all necessary samples to accurately determine soil characteristics. The site can then be clearly zoned to separate the aesthetic and functional zones.

The next stage is the project implementation – the landscaping of the territory: playgrounds and paths are constructed. The final stage is landscaping of the site, and setting out of the trees and plants.

Our advantages

By way of cooperating with our company, the Customer obtains the following bonuses:

  1. Quality. Our team includes only qualified workers, whose work is time-tested. Therefore, we are 100% sure in the quality of works performed;
  2. Compliance with deadlines. All projects are completed strictly on time;
  3. Optimal prices. Due to works specific features and proper arrangement, we are ready to offer the best prices on the market.

In a complex of construction services we specialize in various kinds of works on irrigation systems, landscaping and adjacent territories improvement. Contur implements projects of any complexity, putting into practice the boldest and most original ideas in landscaping and gardening.

Contur has all necessary staff and technical potential, including considerable experience in construction activity, carries out work on construction territories, parks, public gardens, pavements, streets, and yards improvement; sports grounds and playgrounds, etc.

Landscaping stages and works

Landscaping includes several stages

Preparatory stage

This includes the works on territory survey: groundwater, soil type, as well as topographical survey of the site and lighting plan preparation. Our experts carry out a thorough analysis of the local soil layer. This will result in the most suitable greenery selection. We take into account that the plants, due to continuous growth over time, will change territory appearance around the building, and try to show this in the future project. In consultation with the client, we develop, agree on, and approve the site concept. All this allows creating an aesthetic, original and unique project of landscaping and countryside gardening.

First stage

It involves works on territory preparation on the basis of the project developed, i.e. we mark out the site, perform earthworks, construct drainage systems and plant watering systems.

Second stage

It includes direct construction of various elements: fencing and other enclosures (gates, wicket doors, etc.). We build fences using different materials: stone, bricks, profiled sheets, boards, wire mesh or grills. It depends on what you expect as a result. For example, if you want to hide your house and land from other people’s view, we recommend building a solid and reliable fence made of profiled sheet or brick. And if you want lots of light, a wire mesh may be the best option.

Third stage

It includes construction of supporting walls, various playgrounds, and pathways paved. The most typical variant for paths today is paving. However, you can order paving from any material: artificial stone, flagstone, slate, and other building materials.

Final stage

Landscaping of the site. It includes lawn arrangement, plants (flowers, bushes, trees) setting out, complex cleaning, and final works supervision.


We fulfill our commitments

01.  IDEA

We analyze the idea and the possibility
of its implementation in the project


We develop the strategy for the project
considering all client’s requirements


We prepare technical and legal
documents as requested by the client


Collect all resources required
to start works performance under the plan


Key works, supervision,
and commissioning


We guarantee transparent cooperation

To cooperate with usplease fill in the form on our website, call us or use any convenient way to contact us going to the Contacts section.

We arrange a meeting to discuss all project details and collect as much information as possible to calculate the cost of the project in the most correct way!

After a detailed project cost estimate, we prepare the work and payment schedules. We approve all elements of our cooperation: cost, terms, and payment conditions!

We prepare a full set of documents to be signed according to applicable laws!

We organize the construction process to target organizational, technical, and technological solutions, and other measures for project solutions implementation in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and documents, and ensure the construction process!

Working Commission designated by the client conducts comprehensive inspection of completed construction readiness before its commissioning upon contractor’s notification of works completion.

We closely communicate with the customer throughout the construction project! This ensures a successful result!!! This facilitates a long-term relationship in the future!!!

Advantages for ordering the landscaping works in contur

Contur has an extensive experience with urban, suburban, private, commercial, and public areas in Poltava, oblast and all over Ukraine. Therefore our company guarantees high-quality projects implementation of any complexity and scale.

Competent organization.

Site improvement and landscaping works are planned in such a way as to provide the desired result within the shortest possible period. Some stages are implemented simultaneously, i.e. trees planting and hard landscaping installation. Other tasks require successive solutions and preliminary preparation. We plan and coordinate our activities in detail, to ensure the site to be ready by deadline.

Our own fleet of machinery.

In-house machinery and equipment speed up and simplify site profiling, drainage and sewerage arrangement and large-sized trees planting. We solve all these tasks and more with quality and speed due to modern technology.

We work directly with suppliers.

We work with most manufacturers and suppliers directly and, by ordering landscaping works from us, you automatically get the best prices and significant savings on materials and delivery.

If you want to calculate a price or get a consultation, call us, email, or fill in the form below.



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